About us

Qbix Enterprise is one of a kind retail store that the details of the selling products can be access both physically and virtually without even overlapping the inventory stock in our marketplace. Acknowledged by DARe, we are the first cube store that also offers the service of online selling. We are local entrepreneurs that are eager to acquaint and bring about the culture of online business in Brunei Darussalam and globally.

 Expecting to offer wide-ranging of products from local and international brands. From our physical store located in Qlap Mall, our customer can choose and buy from our cubes that offer by our dearest vendor, there will be plenty of option to choose. The same goes to the web store, our customers can shop from several of products across men’s and women’s fashion apparel, books, electronics and daily needs categories online. The power is on your fingertips.

At Qbix Enterprise, we believe shopping experience should be easy and fun. We also believe that the opportunity of online business should be widely introduce to local market. 

Qbix Enterprise is pioneering the use of technology, business and sales by integrating physical and online trading here in Brunei. Our primary goal is to serve and assist Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) and provide an easy shopping experience from the time your customer place an order until it is delivered.

Rental for as low as B$1 per day you can have your own cube box plus your online page in our web store at ONE price.

What do we offer in our Physical Shop?
- There is NO registration fee, NO commission and NO deposit fee.
- we will send you sales notification to your email address every time a customer buys your products.

What about our Online Shop?
- Stocks will be linked between our physical and online shop.
- Selling on a global market and reaching more customer!

Located at Seri Qlap Mall

whatsapp/message 8197520

"The next revolution of shopping experience is coming to you..."